Adolescence, Most important phase of life.

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14 Feb 2015 by Himanshu Shekhar

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According to the dictionary, the word “Adolescence” is the stage of youth; or maturity. And yet, if you really think about it, that definition merely touches the surface. Adolescence is that part of one’s life that he or she will never forget because it plays a big role in the formation of who that person will become.

It is quite normal for parents to think they know their children; REALLY know their children. In fact what they know, in most cases, is their child’s external behavior. Anything, which doesn't fit into the parent’s idea of the child’s character, is liable to be classified as an unexpected reaction or absurd behavior.

To know a child however, one must not judge him by his defects, or his virtues. To do this could lead to the child being classified by the parents in such a way as to make it difficult for them ever to abandon this view. Knowledge of a person’s external behavior is a rather superficial kind of knowledge. It could lead parents to think of their child in terms of what he does, rather than what he is.

It is not clear what criteria parents follow when they want to classify or describe their child. Often they expect the child to fit into a scheme of adult values without realizing that the world of the adult and that of the child are quite distinct. Children have to be educated to be adults; it is not a matter of trying to turn them into adults when they are in very stage to play and laugh.

Actually I am not neglecting the practices of parents... But I would only like to suggest parents to feel their children either of being suppressive... Because it’s an age which have most effective impacts on one who is suffering from this very phase of life.

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