about me.

Living with passion is what I strictly adhere to. “Always do what you love” how much ever hackneyed this sounds it holds absolutely true. That's why I love to read fiction/non-fiction/documentory in leisure . Not for the sole reason of “loving” to read but it helps me to get rid of the world and escape into a different dimension of my own. As I am a reading freak, yes even in this era of Social Media. The art of documenting a novel(200+ pages document) is something I am always fascinated by.I also love to travel and freezing the moments I relish.

I am a continuous learner. Learning for me equates to exploring new ideas and growing as an individual. I just cannot imagine my life devoid of designing. I freely express my creativity and imagination by designing and writing. And to give my passion of developing and writing a platform I compiled this platform.

Fun Fact :: I am coding and writing since age of 14. Received some awards though, Ah cut this crap. 😋